Sourcing Cables For Sleep Studies

There are many types of cables used in polysomnography (sleep studies). Some will monitor sleep stages, some monitor sleep cycles and still others are used to identify disruptions in sleep patterns. These cables range from a typical EEG cable to a more complex snore sensor cable

Finding the Right Medical Component Contract Manufacturer

Contract manufacturing requires a second party to produce a sub component or, even an entire device, for an OEM. Examples include a cable harness used for EMG monitoring or a sensor used in sleep studies. In each of these instances, the OEM develops the system and the contract manufacturer builds the medical components

Meeting Environmental Regulatory Requirements

Millions of patients worldwide depend on the ever-expanding world of medical devices, ranging from those that monitor blood pressure to those that diagnosis disease. These patients depend on medical equipment to be safe for use inside and outside of the body. Accordingly, the Federal Drug Administration, European Union

Wire Design

There are five fundamental constituents that make a cable: conductor, insulation, shield, filler and strength member. The conductor carries the power or signal to its desired location. The insulation isolates the conductor from adjacent

Position on Conflict Minerals

Plastics One Incorporated recognizes and supports the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act

Manufacturing in the USA vs.Overseas

Overseas manufacturers entice with their low costs of labor and production, but many American companies are finding out the hard way that paying for products to be made across the pond is not worth the cost. Manufacturing overseas adds additional hurdles to jump like language, cultural and time differences. But the trouble doesn't stop there. The low costs that overseas manufacturers bait companies with may not turn out to be so low after the drawn out process of shipping the product back to the U.S. Equally important to note is how enormously a company's carbon footprint would grow if it chose to manufacture overseas.

Thermoplastic Selection

This paper will hopefully help in the selection of an appropriate polymer for your application. First thing to keep in mind is: polymer selection is dictated by the requiredperformance. Due to the continual increase in polymer demand, the performance of polymers has been heavily modified to conform to various customer driven needs. Thankfully wenow have many polymer options to choose from, but now with all the options picking the appropriate plastic can be a challenge. Within this paper we will show how using simplelogical decisions, a designer can select the most appropriate polymer for the job.

Lost Time: Mold Maintenance

Molds require routine maintenance- some after every run or in the middle of a long run. Molds break due to fatigue. Molds crash, injector pins bend, springs snap, water lines leak, heaters wear out. All of these things are part of the natural life cycle of a mold. To fix these issues requires a tool maker to take the mold apart, diagnosing the problem and repairing the mold. Repairing the mold often means making new core pins, new cavities, polishing or remaking inserts. This requires a mold manufacturing facility or toolroom that is capable to work quickly to get your process back up.

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